At public hearings in 2005 when concerned citizens first found out that new improvements would now turn 281 into a toll road, they did their due diligence to call and write their elected representatives, testify before transportation boards and the Texas Legislature, get the public opposition on the record at public hearings, hold protest rallies and more to get the original gas tax funded improvements installed on US 281. But EVERY one of these attempts has been met with contempt for taxpayers who oppose this unnecessary, unbridled new taxation. Few elected officials have made any attempts to remedy the situation, forcing the citizens into court to stop this $1.3 billion freeway to tollway conversion in order to advance the non-toll fix to 281.

Updates, discovered further violations of the law...

Stimulus Bait & Switch: Interchange is an RMA bailout, excuse not to fix 281 north (Mar '09)

TxDOT violates law, forced to pull plug on 281 toll road (Oct '08)

Judge says TxDOT withheld "numerous" documents from the feds (Aug '08)

TxDOT's rigged environmental study on 281 failed to include aquifer authority (Aug '08)

Guerra: TxDOT didn't coordinate with Aquifer Authority on 281 toll road (Aug '08)

BREAKING NEWS: TxDOT caught withholding 281 docs from the feds (Aug '08)

Express-News: TURF's 281 lawsuit makes front page (Feb '08)


281 Press conference:

See 281 lawsuit press conference on YouTube (March '08)


Initial press release...

Citizens file lawsuit to halt 281 toll project (Feb '08)


What the lawsuit does and does not do

Only thing keeping the toll road from hurting Bulverde is TURF lawsuit!

TURF lawsuit does NOT stop TxDOT from installing the Original FREEway plan as promised; it only stops the toll road.


The Bottom Line...

TxDOT has the plans and the money RIGHT NOW to relieve congestion on US Hwy 281 by adding additional lanes, overpasses, and access lanes.  They could start construction tomorrow morning and have the whole thing fully funded…keeping it a FREEway!

Take Action!

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