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The Texas Department of Transportation, or TxDOT, is among 12 state agencies up for sunset review in 2009. If the agency is found to no longer fulfill a useful public purpose, it will "sunset." A group of Legislators called the Sunset Commission is tasked with reviewing the agencies and finding waste, fraud, or bad management practices. This video clip shows a portion of TURF's Founder, Terri Hall, testifying before the Commission about the conversion of the 281 freeway into a tollway. Representative Linda Harper-Brown makes it clear that TxDOT/ARMA is violating the legislative intent of the law, HB 2702, that prohibits the conversion of freeways into tollways.

In June 2008, the Sunset Committee issued a scathing report of TxDOT stating that many expressed TxDOT is "out of control," advancing its own agenda against the objections of both the Legislature and the public. It also said until trust is restored, TxDOT cannot effectively meet the state's transportation needs. The report recommended placing TxDOT under a legislative conservatorship, abolishing the Transportation Commission and replacing it with a single commissioner, and returning the control over transportation policy to the Legislature.

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