That’s a great question.  Here’s why everyone should still be concerned:

First of all, many of the goods we buy now that come into our city via US Hwy 281 will cost more because the trucks that ship them to our stores will pay tolls to get there.  Those costs will be passed on to us.  

Second, Highway 281 is not the only road slated for tolling.  Others include:

  • Loop 1604
  • I-35
  • Wurzbach Pkwy
  • Bandera Rd
  • In June 2007, the Texas Transportation Commission added I-10 to the list, from 1604 to US Hwy 87 in Boerne and from East 410 to SH 130 in Seguin.  In addition, the USDOT has identified I-10 to become a toll road from California to Florida.

Again, any goods that are shipped here via those tolls will cost more to us, the consumer, just like food prices have shot up with high gas prices.  

Third, roads near toll roads become extremely congested as people use them to avoid paying tolls.  Neighborhoods become freeways and create nightmares for its residents.  Many people, especially those on fixed incomes, simply can’t afford to pay higher gas prices and tolls.  

Fourth, according to TxDOT, once the tolls go up on Loop 1604, the cost to travel from I-10 to Kitty Hawk will be $5.90…one way.  If you have to travel that stretch of road to work and back, that’s almost $12/day, over $3,000/year.  That does not include traveling on the other toll roads planned.

Fifth, tolls are not just being planned for San Antonio.  Currently there are over 80 toll projects planned throughout the state, including the Trans-Texas Corridor.  

So unless you plan on walking everywhere you go, the idea of tolling US Hwy 281 should be very important to you.

See the map of the plan

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