Last summer, the MPO voted to raise your taxes, through tolls

When the board took action to amend its short-range (TIP) and long-range plans (MTP) at its August 27, 2012 meeting, it not only failed to abide by its own bylaws, it once again failed to properly notify the public about its proposal to toll US 281 and Loop 1604 in Bexar County. The MPO's bylaws require a two-step process, which includes a 30-day public comment period, and an even greater level of disclosure on its agenda before any action can take place.

Watch related segment on MPO from Truth be Tolled trailer below


about what went down at the MPO here

Watch this series of montages that cover:
  • Open Meetings Act violation (June 25, 2012)
  • Federal Highway Administration rubber stamps (June 15, 2012)
  • Questions over whether ATD sales tax can fund toll roads (June 25, 2012)
  • MPO resolution (June 11, 2012)
  • MPO plan amendment (Aug 27, 2012)
Watch related segment on MPO from Truth be Tolled trailer below

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After authoring a resolution that passed March 26, 2012, to specifically add NEW non-toll capacity (both main lanes and frontage roads) to 281, County Commissioner Kevin Wolff who continued to push for non-toll expansion just days before this June 25, 2012 vote, flip flops and votes to include HOV transit/toll lanes on 281 — converting two existing lanes that are already 100% paid for into toll lanes. To charge drivers tolls to use lanes that we drive on today toll-free is a MASSIVE DOUBLE TAX. The toll authority has said on the record, it plans to charge these tolls in perpetuity!

Government social engineering to change driver behavior
TxDOT District Engineer Mario Medina specifically testifies that the purpose of the transit toll lanes is to keep buses on schedule and the toll helps that so people don't use it and 'jam it up.' County Judge Nelson Wolff also says: "If someone chooses to not carpool, chooses to ride by themselves, chooses to waste their gas, choose to do all those things, then damn it, they probably ought to pay... if they can't get on a bus or can't carpool, well then, don't get in the toll lane."

(Contains clips of several MPO meetings, the Commissioners Court, the Transportation Commission Thursday, June 28, etc.)

Watch related segment on MPO from Truth be Tolled documentary below

This montage, while not completely chronological, shows the actions of these governmental bodies that are not being transparent to the citizens they represent. In fact, those that are not following these events closely are often confused by all the back and forth, and when a politician promises one thing then pursues and votes for another, that betrayal of those that put him there is even greater.

See the current toll plan schematics for 281

Board reneges on promise, votes to toll anyway

June 26, 2012
By Terri Hall

It's apparent that the fix was in before a single citizen ever walked into the Bexar County San Antonio Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) meeting Monday. The tumult and chaos surrounding transportation decision-makers in Bexar County has hit a feverish pitch and it’s getting plain ugly for taxpayers.

After several hours of debate, Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff gave the board his blessing to adopt a plan that includes toll lanes along 36 miles of Loop 1604 and 7.8 miles of the US 281 corridor, parts of which were completely new and were never discussed, presented, or properly posted for the public prior to today's meeting.

Four elected officials, Commissioner Chico Rodriguez and Councilmen Cris Medina, Rey Saldana, and Carlton Soules, were notable no-shows for such a critical vote that allows the unelected Advanced Transportation District (ATD) Board (one in the same with the Via Transit Board) to control who will operate the toll lanes, who can use them for free (buses and ‘registered carpools’ only), and, hence, who will have the power to collect and spend the tolls.

They put specific conditions on the deal, making a very public swipe at the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority (ARMA) by requiring TxDOT, not ARMA to build the toll lanes. Why? The ATD Board telegraphed at its meeting Friday that it plans to use toll revenues to fund a myriad of mass transit projects. The war against cars is alive and well in San Antonio. This fight has always been about who gets the pot of ‘toll gold’ at the end of the rainbow. First TxDOT, then Spanish toll operator Cintra, then ARMA (which just got absorbed by Bexar County who also wants the pot of toll revenues), now the ATD Board.

Though Wolff negotiated and authored a resolution specifically to add new non-toll main lane capacity to US 281 from Loop 1604 to Stone Oak and Loop 1604W from Bandera to Wiseman, it's pretty clear that Wolff never intended to fix 281 non-toll nor to hold TxDOT accountable for what it's proposing (its vague, misleading diagram is a joke). They've never been made to explain, in plain English, where every existing lane is and what the corridor will look like with the proposed improvements, much less to explain why they can fix Loop 1604 for $25 million/mile compared to $37 million/mile on US 281.

If Wolff and the MPO had insisted this basic information be presented prior to any vote, then the Board would have seen without a shadow of a doubt that TxDOT's plan does not ADD a single new lane of added non-toll capacity and, in fact, converts an existing free main lane into a transit-toll lane. Stone Oak isn’t clamoring for bus lanes or toll lanes, it’s demanding the non-toll fix that’s been funded and promised to congestion-weary commuters since 2001.

Now you see it, now you don’t
TxDOT claims the free lanes will remain in place, when, in fact, they count the frontage roads as 'what's there now,' not the freeway main lanes. Therefore, the plan adopted today expressly defies the MPO’s March 26 resolution to add non-toll capacity to 281 -- and Wolff not only allowed it, he encouraged it, despite telling TxDOT just over a week ago (at a June 15 MPO special meeting), in rather heated tones, that he’s made it clear he wants added non-toll capacity -- all non-toll, no toll elements. He even threatened that he wouldn't take a vote on it until they changed the proposal to be consistent with the resolution.

My, what a difference 10 days makes.

Overwhelming public opposition
The public testimony emailed in to the board opposed the plan, 130-3, and the three in favor were area Chamber of Commerce organizations and industry shills. The fact that the elected officials for the US 281 corridor, Wolff and Senator Jeff Wentworth, voted to adopt a proposal steals $58 million in non-toll funds for US 281 to build a Via direct connect to a Park-N-Ride only three percent of the population will ever use (that amount of money would build roughly 6 overpasses on US 281), the fact that this plan will steal another $20 million in non-toll funds from US 281 and hand it to Loop 1604 for a free overpass and non-toll expansion over there, and the fact that the plan beyond Stone Oak would convert every existing free main lane into a toll lane (again trying to count frontage lanes as the free lanes), is beyond comprehension.

North of Stone Oak could be fixed non-toll using the remaining $88 million in Texas Mobility Funds (TMF) already allocated to US 281. Now, that's not possible since the plan adopted Monday steals nearly every penny of the remaining TMF money, and gives it to Via and Loop 1604.

The fact that the ONLY dissenting vote was by a Democrat, State Rep. Joe Farias, who cited DOUBLE TAXATION as his reason for voting against (and the fact that this was in no way properly posted under the Open Meetings Act), is an indictment of the establishment Republican Party today. The GOP is NOT for the public's right to know, for transparency, for accountability, for limited government, or for the taxpayer. It's of, by, and for the special interests.

We don’t buy it
Advocates of the plan say, but ‘we took $500 million in planned toll lanes and made them non-toll,’ when what they did in reality was renege on a promise made March 26 to add non-toll capacity only.

In truth, the toll plan for US 281 should never have been adopted by the MPO in July 2004 in the first place. The gas taxes to fix US 281 without tolls were already there and disappeared in 2008, well after the MPO vote to convert it to a tollway in July 2004. With the arrival of $246 million in new money ($146 million from TxDOT’s recent $2 billion windfall, $100 million in ATD), plenty to fix a measly 3 miles on US 281 without ANY tolls, it's inexcusable that NOT one new non-toll main lane will be added to 281 under this plan, yet a 10-mile stretch of four new non-toll lanes are being added to Loop 1604 with an 8-10 year delay in toll lanes being added. The excuse that we have to toll US 281 because 'we're out of money' or can't get clearance doesn’t hold muster anymore. Anyone with a pulse can see this whole scheme is fraud.

The elected officials who voted to toll US 281 & Loop 1604:
State Senator Jeff Wentworth (in a run-off against anti-toll Dr. Donna Campbell July 31)
Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson
Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff
Leon Valley Mayor Chris Riley
Selma Councilman William Weeper
San Antonio City Councilman Ray Lopez
(plus 8 unelected appointees, including two votes from TxDOT and two votes from Via)

The commuters along US 281 and Loop 1604 won't ever forget who voted to do this to them, because they'll be forced to pay a DOUBLE TAX in PERPETUITY. However, none of this is yet set in stone until the MPO’s short and long-range plans are officially amended -- there is still time to redeem the March 26 resolution. What board members do after today's fiasco, will make all the difference....


Plan with tolls on expanded 1604, 281 approved
By Vianna Davila
Monday, June 25, 2012

The region's transportation planning organization approved a proposal to expand Loop 1604 and U.S. 281 with a mix of nontoll and toll lanes Monday, but only after Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Adkisson threatened to approve just a part of the proposition and table the rest.

Texas Department of Transportation officials said such a move could have jeopardized millions in state dollars for the projects.

Adkisson, who is chairman of the Metropolitan Planning Organization, made a motion to approve using $146.8 million in state money to expand Loop 1604 with nontoll lanes, rather than vote on a $368.8 million plan that included the state money and local leveraging dollars, plus some toll lanes.

Officials now commonly refer to those as managed lanes: free for buses and carpools but not for drivers in single-occupancy vehicles.

Other MPO board members said they expected to vote on the entire plan Monday, and not just the state dollars for Loop 1604.

But after a tense two hours of discussion, including several volleys between Adkisson and TxDOT San Antonio District Engineer Mario Medina, the chairman eventually chose to support the broader plan, following an amendment to his original motion made by County Commissioner Kevin Wolff.

Throw the bums out!
San Antonio MPO votes to toll AGAIN...

FINAL SAMPO VOTE: 281/1604 left in toll plan

In October, 2009, these MPO members who voted to toll your EXISTING FREEWAYS despite 800 people packing the room and one hundred testifying AGAINST tolls. In total there was five and a half hours of testimony against tolling our existing freeways, 13 MPO Board members still voted in favor. Only 7 people testified in favor of tolls, and they were the Greater Chamber of Commerce, the North Chamber of Commerce and those who work for the highway lobby. It was over 90% AGAINST tolls. This should sound the alarm quite clearly that our elected officials no longer represent us. It's taxation without representation!

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