Most states call them Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs).  These are the agreements that our various governments make with private investors that want to control public assets such as toll roads.  These investors can be domestic, foreign, or a combination of both.  Usually, they will control the public asset anywhere from 40-99 years.  In the case of toll roads, these private companies negotiate for the control of how much they can charge for tolls and for control of the non-tolled lanes.  If successful, they can then determine how fast (or slow) the speed limits could be on these non-toll lanes, and could increase the length of time traffic lights stay red, thus giving incentive for travelers to use the toll lanes instead.  Previously, the two potential investors for the US Hwy 281/1604 toll project were Zachry American (part of HB Zachry here in San Antonio) partnering with Cintra (a foreign investor from Spain) and the second investor being the Australian based Macquarie 1604 Partnership.  As part of their agreement with the government, the investors are not required to make public the terms of the agreement until AFTER the contract is signed. SB 792 , CDA moratorium, killed the CDA and potential for private control of the 281/1604 toll projects for two years. Now, the ARMA , public tolling entity, has control of the toll project.  

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