Often times, a legislative body (i.e. the Texas House of Representatives) will introduce multiple items into the same bill so that the body can either vote for all of it or reject the whole thing.  These items often have nothing to do with one another.  For example, Representative A may want to include wording in the proposed bill that says, “No existing freeways can be converted into a toll road.”  Representative B may want to include wording that says, “All restaurants in Texas must include a ‘smoke-free’ section.”  So Rep. B may go to Rep. A and say, “I’ll vote to include your idea into the bill if you’ll vote to include mine; however, if you vote to exclude my idea, I’ll vote to exclude yours.”  Rep. A may not be real excited by Rep. B’s idea on restaurants, but rather than risk getting his idea on toll roads shot down, he agrees and votes to include Rep. B’s idea into the bill.  The legislative body will then vote to either include or exclude each idea.  If they decide to include both ideas, then they get lumped together in the same proposed bill and the body either accepts the whole thing or they reject it.  

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